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Daily Duluth Photo is operated by Shawn Thompson. I am a Duluth resident and photographer.
The photographs that are featured on this blog were taken by and are being offered by Shawn Thompson.
If you want to purchase a print, simply click the “Buy Now” button below the image.
All prints are un-signed and shipped directly to you, from the printer. This is why I am able to offer such an affordable price.
I try my best to get one new image up every day, sometimes I miss a day or two.
If you would like to share the daily print deal you see here with your friends, please email them the link at the top of your internet browser when looking at the daily photo.
If you would like to purchase a larger size print or for affordable licensing options on a particular image(s), please email Shawn@ShawnThompsonPhotography.com

Do you have any additional questions? Please contact me via the contact form below.
Thank you for visiting!
– Shawn